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RW Solutions, LLC

A Division of DO2E WasteWater Treatment

How It Works

The DO2E High Volume State of the Art

Aerator / Mixer injects high volume, low pressure air through a specially designed multi chambered air manifold located at the bottom of the unit. This unit creates a surface current up to 4 knots for a distance of up to 100 ft.

Using a unique combination of coarse air and fine air bubble aeration, we are able to move high volumes of water (up to 24.1 million gallons per day), while at the same time transferring high volumes of dissolved oxygen throughout the water column. The fine air bubbles maximize the oxygen transfer while the coarse air bubbles provide velocity.

This unique combination of coarse and fine air bubbles realesed at a specific water depth within a confined space allows for a higly efficient aeration / mixing system.

The unit can operate in as little as 4' of water and can draw from depths of up to 16' of water.


  • Increases Dissolved Oxygen
  • High Volume Water Flow
  • Improves Worker Safety
  • Reduces BOD & COD
  • Reduces MOST Heavy Metals
  • Reduces MOST VOC'S (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Reduces Ammonia
  • Oxidizes Hydro Carbons
  • Destratifies the Water Columns
  • Reduces Energy Usage by Up To 80%
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs by Up To 85%
  • Reduces Sludge Build-Up Up To 75%
  • Reduces Fecal Coli Form
  • Reduces Pharmaceuticals
  • Reduces H2S for Odor Control